Sheep Canada – Winter 2020 Cover
Table of Contents
4: Greetings from Deerville
5: Sheep research in Québec
7: Is your feeding program working?
11: Maternal melatonin implants improve lamb survival
13: Broccoli by-product silage in rations for finishing lambs
15: Yeast improves milk production and lamb growth
17: Management affects lamb flavour intensity and off-flavours 19: Bypass protein helps lambs resist parasites
20: A glimpse at the effect of COVID-19 on BC lamb markets 21: Alberta makes changes to meat inspection
23: Fortune favours the ready
25: Important new tools for sheep dairy farmers
27: Out of the shearer’s box
29: Campaign for Wool Canada unveils Canadian wool rugs 31: A return to the peasant poet
33: CSBA welcomes new manager
35: Buyer’s Guide