Sheep Canada Winter 2015 lo res 1 Table of Contents
4: Greetings from Deerville
5: Stuart Chutter’s excellent (?) adventure
13: Mode of action of TM muscling gene in UK Texels
19: Buyers’ Guide
22: Season’s Greetings from Alyson Champ
23: Research roundup
29: Feed for profit: Learning resources at your fingertips
30: Udder health key to flock management decisions
31: Southwest Sheep Grazing Co-operative, Ltd.
Web Links Mentioned in this issue:

Effect and mode of action of the Texel muscling QTL (TM-QTL) on carcass traits in purebred Texel lambs

Reducing Leafy Spurge’s Impact By Using Sheep and Goats

Ward Mortenson Obituary

John Williams Obituary

Joyce McCart Obituary