Sheep Canada - Winter 2013 Table of Contents
4: Greetings from Deerville
5: Genetic variability of 22 Canadian sheep breeds
13: New vaccine for barber pole worm
14: Feed for profit
17: Canadian Sheep Federation has new chair
19: Buyers’ Guide
22: Subscriber and Buyers’ Guide forms
23: Sing, sing, sing!
25: Natural health remedies for sheep: garlic
27: When good tags go bad
28: Good news about the treatment of footrot
31: Producer Profile: Drover’s Way Farm, Perth, Ontario
 Web Links (Feed for Profit column)
LManagement at Lambing Time
LNutrition Guide for Sheep Producers
LFeeding Ewes Better for Increased Production and Profit
 Web Links (Natural health remedies for sheep: garlic)
LRancher uses garlic to keep flies at bay
LGarlic prevents common cold
LGarlic, a natural antibiotic
LWhy we use spices
Web Links (Good news about treatment for footrot)
LImpact of footrot vaccination and antibiotic therapy…
LRandomized clinical trial of long-acting oxytetracycline…
LImpact of rapid treatment of sheep lame with footrot…
LA review of footrot in sheep
LOvine footrot
LA within farm clinical trial to compare two treatments…