Sheep Canada - Winter 2010 Table of Contents
4: Greetings from Deerville
6: Photo contest winners
9: Worm wars and Ivomec resistance
12: New saliva test for worm-resistant sheep
13: Sheep pellets of wisdom: the year in review
14: CSBA hires new general manager
15: How long can ewe stay?
16: Wool and seaweed make bricks stronger
17: Sheep may safely graze…on organic farms
18: Subscription & Buyer’s Guide forms
19: Buyer’s Guide
22: CCWG attend Nanjing wool conference in China
23: Ontario producers explore lamb survival
26: Baxter Black: 30th year editorial
27: Natural health remedies for sheep: sugar
29: Human resources must be tended as well as land and animals
30: If I was going to build a barn…revisited
31: BSE causes cattle eyes to glow
32: Update on atypical scrapie
33: Producer profile: Morning View Farm, Elnora, Ontario