An important correction. The Summer 2024 Issue of Sheep Canada is listed as Volume 49, Number 2. This marks a noticeable change from the winter 2023 issue that was labeled Volume 39, Number 4. That 10 year change is not an error but a correction. In 1989 a typographical error changed the Volume from 14 to 4. That error carried on unnoticed for 35 years. As we approach the 50th anniversary of Sheep Canada magazine we wanted to make sure that our numbers matched up with the actual number of issues published.

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Table of Contents

4: Greetings from Ste. Anne
5: Producer profile: Loch Lomand Livestock Ltd, Eyebrow, SK
12: Fall lambing: Will it work on your farm?
17: Hello, China calling: A CCWG update
18: Is it time for a barn raising?
23: A new executive director for Alberta Lamb Producers
25: Forage quality considerations
29: One Fleece at a time
31: Canadian Sheep Federation update
33: Canadian Wool Council in Australia for the IWTO
35: Buyer’s Guide