SC Cover Summer 2015 Table of Contents
4: Greetings from Deerville
5: Haying time…
11: What do we know about creep-feeding lambs on pasture?
12: Country life: the list
13: Productivity versus profit: is there a difference?
16: Alternative dewormers
17: Survival of artificially-reared lambs
19: Buyers’ Guide
23: Making GenOvis work for you
24: Can diet affect the sex of lambs?
25: Advance Payment Program for sheep and lamb producers
26: Sheep farmers react to PETA’s anti-shearing campaign
27: Internet droppings…
28: Breakthrough offers new knees for sheep…and shepherds?
29: Grazing among the grains
31: Producer Profile: Les Bergeries du Margot, Bonaventure, QC
Web Links Mentioned in this issue
LHarvesting and storage of quality hay and silage
LCreep-feeding concentrate to lambs at pasture—does it pay?
LResearchers studying sheep to prevent human traffic jams
LKeeping sheep healthy and harvesting a high performance fiber – watch video
LVideo of ewe having eight lambs