Sheep Canada :Summer 2014 Table of Contents
4: Greetings from Deerville
5: The Campaign for Wool
7: 4-H on Parade hosts regional sheep workshop
9: Research roundup
15: Feed for profit: growing and finishing lambs
19: Buyer’s Guide
23: OK Kewepid…
25: Natural health remedies for sheep: clay
27: Canada’s Scrapie Eradication Strategic Plan
27: Changes to regulations for importing sheep
28: What you need to know about CSIP
28: Share your thoughts on traceability
29: Producer profile: Good Farms, Inc., Winsloe, PEI
Web Links Mentioned in this Issue
LCampaign For Wool
LCanadian Sheep Federation Traceability Survey
Feed for Profit Growing and finishing lambs
LCanadian Forage and Grassland Association
LAn Introduction to Managed Grazing for Sheep and Goat Producers
LFeeding Lambs – Frequently Asked Questions
LSheep 201: Feeding Lambs
LMarket Lamb Nutrition
Natural Remedies for Sheep: Clay
LStaph-killing properties of clay investigated by UB researchers
LTreating mastitis without antibiotics
LDiarrhea (scours) in small ruminants