SPRING-2015-1 Table of Contents
4: Greetings from Deerville
5: Taking advantage of the efficiencies of sheep
14: Feed for profit: Are my sheep cold?
17: Genetic testing for susceptibility to OPP (Maedi visna)
18: Scrapie could breach the species barrier
19: Buyers’ Guide
23: Natural lamb: Is grass-fed best?
25: The chicken diaries
27: Got your premises ID yet?
29: Producer Profile: Medicine Ridge Ovine, New Norway, AB
Web Links Mentioned in this issue
LSheep Production Handbook
LEffect of Environment on the Nutrient Requirements of Domestic Animals
LA review of fatty acid profiles and antioxidant content in grass-fed and grain-fed beef. 
LGrass-fed lamb and goat. 
LAcquiring a Premises ID in your province