Sheep Canada - Spring 2014 Table of Contents

4: Greetings from Deerville
5: Producer profile: Ferme Guyline, St.-Valère, QC
14: New business venture to increase supply of lamb
15: Study confirms ‘spring leg’ is a genetic defect
19: Buyers’ Guide
23: Feed for profit: mineral supplementation
25: Get fit with FarmFit!
26: New treatment for coccidiosis approved for sheep
27: Natural health remedies for sheep: coccidiosis
29: Producer profile: Ferme Agneaux des Champs, L’Épiphanie, QC

Web Links Mentioned in this Issue
LSpring leg defect is genetic
LSheep disease management – coccidiosis
LEffect of diatomaceous earth on parasite load, egg production, and egg quality of free-range organic laying hens.