Sheep Canada - Spring 2010 Table of Contents
4: Greetings from Deerville
5: Rounding up sheep research in Nova Scotia
10: An all-natural fertilizer that’s dirt sheep
12: Know your enemy: the amazing barber pole worm
14: Population dynamics of worms on Canadian sheep farms
16: New test for costly parasite in sheep industry
18: Subscription & Buyer’s Guide forms
19: Buyer’s Guide
23: Natural remedies in sheep production: oil of oregano
25: Economic Action Plan strengthens sheep and goat industy
26: FCC offers energy loans to farmers
27: Canadian Young Farmers’ Forum
28: Risk of TSE transmission by embryo transfer and AI
29: Improving semen viability and AI through research
31: Baxter Black: Cowboy ingenuity
33: Matching a breed to your location
38: Making your dreams a reality