Sheep Canada - Fall 2013 Table of Contents
4: Greetings from Deerville
5: 2013 All Canada Classic, Barriere, BC
13: Animal House
15: SunGold drops carcass conformation score
17: Increased selenium boosts growth and immunity
18: Subscription & Buyers’ Guide forms
19: Buyers’ Guide
23: Rational selection of replacement animals
27: CSF appoints new Executive Director
28: Feed for profit
31: Producer Profile: Millferns Holsteins, Lower Onslow, NS
Web Links Mentioned in this Issue
LSunGold Prices and Lamb Payment Grid
LFoxlights night predator deterrent
LLamb prices at Northumberlamb *

* Click on the week you are interested in; lamb prices on the first page of the report are from the Maritime Cattle Market (auction) in Truro; Northumberlamb’s prices are on the second page of each weekly report.