Sheep Canada - Fall 2010 Table of Contents
4: Greetings from Deerville
5: Island sheep tour
9: Geneticists emphasize maternal sheep breeds
12: Boundary issues
13: Postcards from New Zealand
16: Baxter Black
17: Ontario Suffolk Sheep Association 4th Terminal Sire Sale
18: Subscription & Buyer’s Guide forms
19: Buyer’s Guide
22: FCC to fund farm safety
23: Your questions on mandatory ID
26: RFID benefits UK shepherds
28: Great expectations – getting real about EID
29: Replacement tags for purebred registrations now available
30: Natural remedies for sheep: apple cider vinegar
31: Scrapie Canada’s new project
32: Changes to import protocol for female sheep and goats
33: Producer profile: Thistlestone Farm, Acton, Ontario