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2006 Summer Meat quality issue; Sheep watching in Newfoundland
Fall Medicine Ridge Farm, Bentley, AB; Complementary grazing
Winter La Moutonniere, Ste-Helene-de Chester, QC; NS Agricultural College
2007 Spring Sensory testing lamb; A visit with Randy Smith
Fall Grazing sheep in a crop rotation; 2007 World Sheep & Wool Congress
Winter Barczyk Farm, Sackville, NB; Shetlands and Bluefaced Leicesters
2008 Winter Mar-Kehoe Farms, Lansdowne, ON; Beating high feed costs with grazing
2009 Spring Sheep industry to test RFID; Comparing lamb feeding regimes (3 left)
Fall Accelerated lambing on organic farms, PEI lambs thrive on slatted floors
Winter Gibson Family Farm, Tees, AB; Fermented feeds for sheep
2010 Winter Worm wars and Ivomec resistance; Morning View Farm, Elnora, AB
2011 Spring RFID: How to buy a tag reader; What a marking harness can tell you
2012 Winter Bouw Farms, Dugald, MB; Low stress handling of sheep
2013 Spring Catto Sheep Farm, Lipton SK; RFID software
Winter Drover’s Way Farm, Perth, ON; Good news about footrot
2014 Spring Ferme Guyline, St. Valere, QC; Mineral supplementation
Summer Good Farms, Inc., Winsloe, PE; Growing and finishing lambs
Fall Wooldrift Farm, Markdale, ON; Feeding ewe lambs
Winter Candll Ranch, Debden, SK; Using byproduct feeds
2015 Summer Les Bergeries du Margot, Bonaventure, QC; What do we know about creep-feeding lambs on pasture? Productivity versus profit
Fall Local lamb thriving on BC islands; Canada Sheep & Lamb Farms, Sarto, MB; 2015 All Canada Classic, Winnipeg, MB
Winter Stuart Chutter’s excellent (?) adventure; Southwest Sheep Grazing Co-operative, Ltd., Tompkins, SK; Research roundup
2016 Spring Zillig Farm, Scotch Village, NS; Weathering the storm: climate smart sheep farming; Should I be feeding silage?
Summer Living the dream in Bentley, Alberta; The copper conundrum; Determining the carbon hoofprint of Canadian lamb
Fall Benacres Farms, Elginburg, ON; 2016 Classic; Sheep 101: An International Rural Exchange experience
Winter Les Bergeries Marovine et Highlanders, St-Charles-sur-Richelieu, QC; Coping with feed shortages; New indexes from Genovis
2017 Spring Brook Ridge Farm, Antigonish, NS; Don’t forget the water; The Canadian sheep industry needs a national organization
Summer Young Buck Farms, Peers, AB; Grazing corn; Selling lambs in Canada
Fall Blueshank Farms, Kensington, PEI; Comparing feed costs; Classification methods for Canadian lamb
Winter Sheep preserve historic ranges; Some basic rations; Research roundup
2018 Spring Silverbend Ranch, Miniota, MB; Vitamin supplementation of sheep; Fibresheds foster production of local textiles
Summer Les Fermes Solidar, Chicoutimi, QC; Lessons learned bale grazing in Ontario; Raising replacement ewe lambs
Fall Black Kreek Ranch, Lansdowne, ON; Portable electric netting; North American Lamb Company formed
Winter Dog Tale Ranch, Watrous, SK; Prevention and detection of pregnancy toxemia; Wool growers celebrate 100 years
2019 Spring

Lorea Tomsin, Sidney, BC; Spend small, gain big; Easy, portable mineral feeder


Brookwater Farms, Kensington, PEI; Ontario producers benefit from working together; Do good fences make good neighbours?


Woolley’s Lamb, Simcoe, ON; Nutrition and the immune system; 2019 All Canada Sheep Classic, Humboldt, SK