Sheep Canada magazine

Sheep Canada is a quarterly magazine, packed with technical information to assist sheep producers in increasing their productivity or reducing their cost of production. Sheep Canada features articles on health, genetics, behaviour, and nutrition, as well as producer profiles, sheep research from around the world, and advice for beginners.

Sheep Canada is owned and edited by Dr. Cathy Gallivan. Cathy has made a lifelong study of sheep and the industry since 1975. She has worked in Nova Scotia and Alberta as a shepherd and government sheep specialist, and has developed and taught several full-time and weekend courses in sheep production. Cathy is a graduate of the Nova Scotia Agricultural College and MacDonald College of McGill University (BSc 1978), and also of Oregon State University (MSc 1985) and the University of Guelph (PhD 1996).

Cathy is fortunate to have some great people working with her on the magazine: Barbara Johnstone Grimmer (British Columbia); Kathleen Raines (Alberta); Randy Eros (Manitoba); Dale Engstrom (Nutrition) and many other occasional contributors.

Sheep Canada magazine (and Cathy) are currently located in the old general store built by her grandfather in 1914, on the family farm where she grew up in Deerville, New Brunswick.